Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gardening together

I think one of the things about our Thursday morning sessions is that although they are quite short - they are intense. There is a lot of gardening together that is quite different to my experience of allotment gardening where I definitely desire to garden my plot - on my own. Select people get invited to help out from time to time, or just visit - but I love to garden my own allotment in my own way.

I don't feel like that about Lansbury Gardeners - it's quite different - in fact I do very little physical gardening there. The limited space means we have to socialise more with each other, and a lot of time is spent talking about gardening, thinking about garden, admiring each others plants or crops, and planning other activities. The time spent physically gardening is quite limited - and we tend to have short bursts of activity. That intensity is quite exhilarating though - and sustaining as people come back week after week after week for their social gardening fix.

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