Saturday, January 22, 2011

Garden improvements: day two complete

As you can see the beds are now in place! The garden is transformed.

There is still more work to do - we need to order more soil and manure to top them up. The wood needs some more sanding, and we will give each bed a number. We also plan to put some weed suppressant membrane down around the beds, with either bark or gravel to finish the job.

Many thanks to all who helped Lansbury Gardeners achieve this. Happy gardening in 2011!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Garden improvements: day one complete

Just back from a long day with Lansbury Gardeners. Was awake at 5am thinking about things I thought I had forgotten and in Tesco by 7.30am getting various snacks to keep us going. Them Gordon and I went and picked up the cordless screwdrivers from HSS and came back and got set up from 9am...a long day.

Of the 16 raised beds - 14 have been built. 7 beds are in the garden and partially filled with soil.

Tomorrow morning Friday 21st January the final two beds will be built, all the beds will be put in the garden and the rest of the soil moved into them from the remaining bags. Next week we will get more soil to top them up.

If you can come down and help for any amount of time Friday morning you would be very welcome! We aim to be finished (certainly in the hall) by lunchtime so the Bingo can come in at 1.30. We should be able to finish the job.

Thanks to residents Rahima, Amina, June, Frances, Mary, Gordon and Shumi who all came and helped today. A big thanks also go to Agim, Thomas, Ken, Simon, Fintan and Ian from Poplar HARCA who helped with this massive job.

See you tomorrow - I will be at the hall from around 9am. Louise

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Garden improvements at Hind Grove Community Hall!

On Thursday January 20th and Friday January 21st 2011 great things will be happening at the Hind Grove Community Hall garden!

The giant grow bags which have served us well for nearly three years - but are now looking a bit saggy and tired are to be replaced with timber beds (like the ones in the photo which are at West India House).

By doing this we will also be able to make more space available for growing and make the garden look more attractive. The wood arrived yesterday, and we are now all set to construct the beds which come pre-drilled so are easy to put together. The soil from the existing bags will be transferred over, and next week we will bring more soil in to top the beds up.

If you want to help us - come along to the hall from 10am onwards on Thursday. Light refreshments will be provided. If you would like to bring something to share that would be lovely. Hope to see you there.