Tuesday, September 21, 2010

London Health Commission Awards

Oh well, unfortunately Lansbury Gardeners did not win the Well London award last night at the London Health Commission Awards ceremony. It was great that we got through to the top three though, so should feel proud of that.

Boris was there in good form and looking as tousled as ever, and there was a lovely view of Tower Bridge from the top of City Hall.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Chilli festival at RHS Hyde Hall

Yesterday Lansbury Gardeners had a great day out at RHS Hyde Hall in Essex. We chose this weekend as there was also a chilli pepper festival on with plenty of fresh chilli and chilli products to taste, as well as cooking demonstrations and chilli pepper talks. We grow quite a few chilli peppers in our garden at Hind Grove in Poplar, so there are quite a few enthusiasts among us.

I must admit I tasted the hottest chilli ever which brought tears to my eyes and made my tongue so hot and numb I couldn't speak for nearly ten minutes... So thanks to the young man in our group who tempted me down that path - you know who you are!!

Hyde Hall is a great place to go, the cultivated gardens are quite compact so there is definitely not so many of those to see compared to Wisley, but there are lots of wide open spaces outside of the main hilltop gardens for young people to run around in, or for a woodland walk, and it definitely provided a relaxing day.

Our group comprised 20 adults and 20 children - the vegetable garden is a great place to test people's knowledge and I enjoyed a little impromptu teaching on a lovely day out.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spitalfields Show and Green Fair September 2010

Mary and Luthfa explore the farm

A small group of us went to the Spitalfields Show today. We wanted to see what the show was like so we can think about entering next year. The Coriander Club will be a hard act to beat - but I think we can have a go!

We visited the farm first which set several of us off reminiscing about animals we had known when we were young. Luthfa talked happily to the chickens who surprisingly seemed to understand her chicken talk and clucked back. They reminded her of chickens eating out of her hand when she was young. The guineas pigs reminded Francis of her of her father who reared Guinea Pigs for food when she was a child. I was reminded of poor old Percy our Cockerel who came to a sticky end when his early morning crowing was just too much for us and our neighbours. Being presented with my noisy friend "Percy" for dinner one evening, was too much for me. He was also rather tough and chewy.

The vegetables in the garden are great and an inspiration - but we couldn't identify them all, so would be good to have more signs. If only we had more space in Poplar - what we could achieve...Frances is very keen to grow Callaloo so we will order some seeds for next year.

Finally, the only disappointment of the afternoon was the lack of a cuppa. There was lots of lovely food - but no tea stall, and the coffee hut on the farm closed early. Perhaps next year the East End WI could do a tea and cake stall?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A visit to the Spitalfields Show

Do you know about the wonderful city farm and garden in Spitalfields? If not come along with us to the Spitalfields Show and Green Fair on Sunday 12th September 2010.

Spitalfields City Farm is located between Whitechapel and Brick Lane - More information about the show is here.

We are planning to meet up at 12.45 outside the Hind Grove Community Hall to be ready to leave promptly at 1pm to travel to the show together using public transport. If you want to come please sign up at upcoming.

Perhaps next year Lansbury Gardeners can enter some of our own vegetables and try to win a prize? Come with us to see what the show is all about and to get some ideas, see the animals, look at the vegetable gardens, and see the countryside in the City.