Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fruit picking

Just back from a visit to the lovely Cammas Hall fruit farm in Hertfordshire. Nearly cancelled the trip as the weather was so bad this morning and some people were wavering a bit on whether to come - but eventually got together enough people and we had (well I think we did) a great time. Rain held off until we got to the Harlow Garden Centre our second stop.

So now have fridge full of strawberries and raspberries, cream and apple juice. Puchased some tulip bulbs for myself. Several of us selected some more flowering plants and herbs for the garden at Hind Grove, as there are a few gaps in the wall pots that need filling.

We are also taking part in a community event in Bartlett Park on Wednesday August 18th. So today we loaded up the coach with terracotta pots in various sizes for children to paint before sowing radish or lettuce in them. Just need to organise the paints now - but have some in my shed we can probably use.

I really love getting together with such a lovely group of neighbours. I have never spent so much time with neighbours ever before Lansbury Gardeners started, and gardening really does bring people together. I especially like being fed such tasty food by my friends - today I had the equivalent of about three lunches and had to turn food away.

Our Thursday session this week will involve planting up the remaining empty pots with the plants we bought today, and probably some weeding.

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